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E-Commerce Contracts

Contract Requirements

In order to meet compliance obligations and maintain E-Commerce consistency across the University, the E-Commerce Committee puts forth requirements when negotiating and executing contracts with E-Commerce vendors. Vendors looking to do E-Commerce business with Illinois State University while integrating with an online payment gateway should connect to a pre-approved payment processor or gateway to expedite processing of the agreement with the vendor.

When contracting with a vendor for E-Commerce services, the E-Commerce Committee requires:

  • E-Commerce Committee approval for the contract (email
  • The vendor to provide the Purchasing officer with a valid Payment Card Industry (PCI) service provider attestation of compliance (AoC) for review
  • One of the following:
    • the vendor to process through a supported processor or gateway listed on this page
    • the vendor to contractually agree to be the merchant of record while processing through their processor and/or gateway

If a vendor cannot meeting the requirements detailed above, the contract will be delayed at a minimum. At worst, additional agreements may need to be put in place, or the University may fail to come to mutual terms with the vendor. 

Supported Processors

Payment processors are the external entities that process payments on behalf of the University. Processors commonly support integrations with applications as well as provide payment card terminals for direct processing from campus.


    JetPay/NCR is the primary and preferred processor for the University as a part of the State of Illinois ePay program. Most transactions processed by JetPay/NCR on behalf of the University occur from JetPay/NCR payment card terminals, the integration with Touchnet, or through TSYS.

    To request a payment card terminal, please complete the request form on the Request a Terminal page.

    To report an issue with a payment card terminal, please complete the issue form on the Report a Terminal Issue page.

    Please email if you would like to request an integration using JetPay/NCR or if you have questions about payment processing.

    Total System Services (TSYS)

    TSYS is a large payment processor utilized by JetPay/NCR to integrate with third party vendors who do not have an existing integration with JetPay/NCR. Having a larger market share than JetPay/NCR, TSYS is an important link in enabling more vendors to process through JetPay/NCR for the University.

    Please email if you would like to request an integration using TSYS or if you have questions about payment processing.

    Supported Gateways

    Payment gateways are front end application services available to ISU to process payments cards, usually via an online presence. The most common integration with a payment gateway is to have a cart or transaction start on a website, forward the customer to the gateway to accept the payment card, then forward the customer back to the original website to receive a receipt.


      Touchnet is a payment gateway and e-commerce solution provider for Illinois State University. The University has a contract in place with Touchnet to utilize many of their services and features for the processing of payment cards. Departments currently accepting cash or checks may now accept payment via a credit card through the secure website, TouchNet.

      Any questions regarding Touchnet can be sent to Touchnet Support (

      For more details on Touchnet, visit the dedicated Touchnet Payment Gateway page.